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Workplace Culture

Workplace culture can feel like an ambiguous topic that seems like a good idea, but not always realistic in the workplace. We have talked in our previous blog posts about employee burnout and appreciating employees. Developing a culture you are proud of is an important and necessary step to retaining and attracting the best talent. Workplace culture determines how your customers are treated, what your physical workplace looks like, and how your employees interact. Job seekers today aren't just evaluating the job, the benefits, the hours, etc. Job seekers are searching for a workplace that aligns with their values. They are looking for a company who has integrity, treats people fairly, and values them. According to The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 1 in 5 employees left a job because of workplace culture.

So, what is workplace culture and how do you create it?

  1. Determine your vision as a company. What is important to you and your employees? Where do you see your business going? Vision is about your long term goals. Its your change to dream big.

  2. What is your mission? Mission identifies purpose. It is the expression of "what" "who" and "why" within your business.

  3. What are your values? Values are the things that you believe are important to you- how you live and work

  4. Forth, what is your strategy to implement this in your workplace? Strategy is how you plan to do all of the above! Include ALL of your teams and employees in this conversation. This is something that includes and impacts everyone! Zoom Video Communications (also known as Zoom) has made major impacts in their company culture. They made a team called "Happiness Crew" to create and implement their values and vision through community events, celebrations, and volunteering. This teams primary focus is to make impacts as their company has grown. Teams volunteer at various organizations like Special Olympics or Habitat for Humanity. New hires attend a training session to learn about company culture and values before their first day! Once the new hire has started their new role, they are paired with a mentor with a focus on outreach and company culture. In addition to all that, in weekly meetings, time is set aside specifically to recognize another employee or show appreciation.

Here is an example of our Mission, Vision and Values here at B. Stephens, HR Consulting:

Display the mission, values and vision of your company in a common place. The more it is seen, talked about, and modeled the more you you will see the culture shaped by the things that are most important to you. What should I do if my culture has shifted and isn't moving in the right direction? Great question! There are several things you can do if this has become the case in your workplace. Identify who or what is shifting the culture. Once you have done that, you can set up accountability and make steps towards change. This is an opportunity to make a plan to fix issues and set up preventative steps. Remaining true to your values and having consistency here with behavior matters will be remembered when employees are evaluating their long term futures in your organization.

If you would like direction on how to develop and implement this in your workplace, as always, our team here at B. Stephens, HR Consulting is here to help.

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