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Whether this is your first employee, or your 10th employee, it's cause for celebration.


This package contains comprehensive tools, templates and resources to ensure compliance within recruiting, streamline your recruiting processes and ensure you are hiring the right candidate to fill your role.


You've got this, and we're here to help!


Resources included in this package include:


Hiring Your First Employee: 14 Things You Must Do

Basics of Effective Interviews
Interview and Hiring Stages



Job Description Template
Employment Application

Templates for Communicating with Applicants

Sample Interview Questions

Interview Evaluation and Recommendation Sheet

Offer Letter Template


HR Consultant Access

Your package includes a 45 minute consultation with one of our HR Consultants. You can utilize this time to:

Discuss your recruiting strategy and brainstorm additional avenues for posting/attracting candidates
Review your job description/posting
Brainstorm job specific interview questions to ensure you are getting the information you need during the hiring process to make a good hiring decision

Talk to us about state specific laws related to your recruitment
Ask any recruiting questions before, during or after your recruitment!

Recruiting Package

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