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Leave Administration Package

Help! I've hit the employee threshold for compliance with my state specific leave law, or the federal Family Medical Leave Act! 


Breathe in, breathe out. I know. These laws can be complex, and when you throw in your company's own policies and procedures, all the intersections become even more convoluted. We're here to help! 


This package contains comprehensive tools, templates and resources to ensure compliance with FMLA and OFLA (Oregon Family Leave Act). Not in Oregon? Unsure if your state has specific leave laws? Don't worry, we can help you there, just reach out!


Resources included in this package include:

  • Concise, Animated Training (Bonus idea - watch this with your supervisors to ensure they know the law and your process too!)
  • Draft Standard Operating Procedure for Leave Administration
  • FMLA information 
  • OFLA information 
  • Paid Leave Oregon information
  • Workplace Accommodation Notice 
  • Leave Qualifying Events and Flow Charts
  • FMLA Absence Tracking Calendar 



  • Leave Request Form 

  • Certification of Healthcare Provider 

  • Return to Work Release 

  • Leave Eligibility Letter 

  • Leave Notice Email Templates 

  • Leave Donation Form 


HR Consultant Access:

Your package includes a 30 minute consultation with one of our HR Consultants. You can utilize this time to:

Discuss your process for Leave Administration

Ensure your policies and procedures reflect your practices

Talk through an impending Leave Request


You've got this, and we're here to help!

Leave Administration Package

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