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Rewarding Your Employees to Further Their Success

Employees today struggle with feeling “burnt out”. This stems from feeling overworked and or underpaid. The job market is down right now creating more tasks for existing employees. This is a vicious cycle. Because it causes existing employees to leave their job for less responsibilities. Almost 29% of US employees say they feel burnt out very often or always. This feeling can cause employees to no longer go above and beyond their specific responsibilities or schedule to further their career. When asked “What is the single largest influence on your motivation?” 7 out of 10 people agree that it's as simple as feeling appreciated. This task can easily be put into motion for any business. A few examples of why to recognize employees are: To acknowledge the person and their efforts, To educate others within and across groups, To promote actions that drive results.

By showing employees appreciation for their efforts, you are showing the individual person that their company takes notice and cares for them. This simple act can retain employees and even produce higher quality work. This carries into the larger aspect of your organization by showing other employees that they too will be appreciated if they put in the same efforts, driving retention and higher quality work for the whole group. This task may seem overwhelming to the employer but it can be simplified by knowing how and when to reward employees. This can be started on the employees first day by having them fill out a recognition preference sheet, this shows the management how the employee likes to be recognized. Whether that be publicly or privately and a few things they enjoy, like their favorite coffee, favorite candy, favorite breakfast. This ensures management is appreciating their employee the way the employee will feel appreciated. Some other examples of how to reward employees are:

  • Giving the gift of time off

  • Getting them a gift card for coffee

  • Having lunch with the boss

  • Sending a card

Another way to show recognition is through digital rewards, there are websites designed to help employers show appreciation without doing a lot of work. They are easy to implement and can be customized to fit your company's brand. These websites can also schedule recognition in advance and they are very flexible, so you will be able to manipulate the site to whatever your company goals or needs are. If you aren't interested in a website you can add recognition reminders to your calendar and make personalized appreciation e-cards to send out. You can also allow managers and employees to send out e-cards to show recognition to each other and some sites allow the admin to see who sent out ecards and what they were for. This is an easy way to keep your company moving forward and have good camaraderie at work.

Showing recognition is easy but knowing when to show it is also important. A good schedule of when to celebrate is:

  • Quarterly or annually- celebrate the best of the best with nominations from employees

  • Work anniversaries or birthdays- ensure milestones are not being missed

  • Monetary rewards for employees- empowers managers to recognize the great

  • Peer to peer shoutouts (ecards)- anytime/anyone

Celebrate progress not just final results. Showing that the company cares for the employee doesn't have to be strictly scheduled, it can be spontaneous and for something large or small.

Recognizing employees is essential in today's workforce and should be put at the top of employers to do lists. This simple act can help to retain employees while receiving better work from them. We at B. Stephens HR can help implement or improve recognition practices into your workplace. Let us know how we can help and know that we appreciate you!

B.Stephens HR Consulting

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