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3 Reasons Why You Really Need HR

  1. You're already doing everything else! I know, as a small business owner, you're already wearing many, many hats. Accountant, president, bookkeeper, purchaser, CEO, CFO, manager, employee, google-ing extraordinaire - I get it. You want to save some money, but are you valuing your time and contributing it to the most important things? Like building relationships with your customers and producing and perfecting the product or service that you sell? Leave the administrative and HR burdens up to us!

  2. You're not a lawyer. And neither am I! But my full time job is studying the new and existing laws surrounding employment, employee relations, compliance and regulations, and advising you on how you can avoid hiring a lawyer down the road. Save yourself some time, money and headaches!

  3. Eliminate the time consuming things, so you can focus on your passions. If we're being honest, some of the HR stuff is pretty boring. Between posting jobs, doing I-9's, and reading new legislation, things can get pretty monotonous and pull you away from doing the things you actually love and are good at. Your customers need you doing what you're good at, whether that's providing a service or a product (or both!).

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