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2020 - A Recap

Wait, is it too early for this post? Is this just wishful thinking on my part? There are still 3 months left in 2020, and each month feels like a new episode of Jumanji.

Check in on your employees. See how they are doing. No, really, how are they actually doing? So many people are dealing with new challenges this year.

  • Did their kids just go back to school and they are struggling to navigate a new online platform? Does that leave them trying to also find childcare?

  • Do they have friends, family, or are they personally affected by the wildfires?

  • Are they scared of another layoff coming?

  • Are they worried about Coronavirus for themselves, or a family member?

  • Are they a single parent, or did their spouse get laid off and they are in survival mode?

  • Are they having a hard time focusing while working remotely, because their spouse, kids and pets are all wanting their attention too?

Just listen. Step back from all the noise, take a look around and see where people are struggling. And offer help. Whether that's just a listening ear, or an opportunity to bless someone:

  • Just listen. Sometimes your employees just want to talk about what's going on.

  • Acknowledge how hard it has been. 2020 has been less than a walk in the park for so many reasons.

  • Look for simple areas where you can accommodate. Does your employee have a child remote learning, and working from home two days per week would alleviate an immense amount of stress and pressure for them?

  • Always be kind. You never know what someone is going through.

  • Talk about the good things. Are your profits up? Have you been able to retain all of your employees through all this? Celebrate those successes.

  • If it's feasible, give your employees some extra rest. Maybe that looks like a floating holiday that they can take this year around the holidays. Maybe it's just an afternoon where you let everyone leave an hour or two early.

  • Bring in coffee or donuts one morning. We could all use a little extra coffee during the chaos that is 2020.

  • Encourage generous giving. This one is broad, because depending on your business and how much you're able to do, this could be as simple as bringing in your extra produce from your garden to share, or giving everyone a $100 gift card for Thanksgiving groceries. This usually spreads like wildfire within organizations, can boost morale and you'll often find those "gifters" within your organization leaving little presents on people's desks.

We'll make it through 2020, one way or another.

In the meantime, how can I help you?

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