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$2,292 per violation?!?!

Did you know that you must complete an I-9, the form that verifies that your employees are eligible to work in the United States, for every single employee? Within the first 3 days of employment? Did you know if you are audited and cannot produce an I-9 for each of your employees, you could be fined up to $2,292 per violation? That can add up quick!

Some tips on the Form I-9:

  • An I-9 must be completed for each and every new hire that you bring on.

  • The Employee Section (page 1) needs to be completed by the employee on or before their first day of employment (but only after an offer of employment has been extended!).

  • The Employer Section (page 2) must be completed within 3 days of the employees first day of employment.

  • The employee must provide valid, unexpired documentation of their identity based on the chart on the list of acceptable documents (page 3) of the I-9. The employer may not tell the employee which documents that they must provide.

  • The employer is responsible for verifying that the documents are valid and unexpired. The employer may take copies of the documents to keep with the I-9, but they must do it consistently for every single hire.

  • I-9's should be stored with other I-9's, in a secure location, and separate from employee medical or personnel files.

  • When an employee leaves the company, you must retain their I-9 for either 1 year from termination date, or 3 years from their hire date, whichever is later. Purge I-9's by shredding them or destroying them securely!

Form I-9 and more information is available at

Need additional help or have more questions? Want to run an I-9 audit for your facility to learn and mitigate your risk? We are happy to help!

Breanna Stephens

Breanna Stephens, HR Consulting


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