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OSHA recently released rules to address employee exposure to High Ambient Temps & Exposure to Wildfire Smoke. These rules apply to any Oregon employer with employees exposed to ambient temperatures of 80* Fahrenheit or higher and take effect June 15th, 2022. There are training, documenting, and additional requirements for written plans in place, and we've created a package to ensure you reach compliance.


This package includes: 

  • A prerecorded conversation about the new rules and what you need to do to get into compliance
  • A powerpoint with links to the tools and resources you need to monitor the AQI in your area and Ambient Temperature
  • Links to the trainings for each of the rules for training yourself and your employees
  • All the resources and easy to complete templates you need to create your schedules and plans required by the new rules
  • Training acknowledgement forms to ensure you have documented your trainings as required by the new rules


OSHA High Heat and Wildfire AQI Compliance

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