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Why you should outsource your bookkeeping and payroll!

I'm frequently asked if we do payroll for folks. The short answer is no - we are not involved in the processing of payroll for companies. Could we be? Sure. Do we want to be? Not particularly.

I have run payroll, but like the world of Human Resources, there are always rules and laws changing, new taxes and rate changes, and depending on where your employees are located could have additional implications. I prefer to leave it up to the experts!

Speaking of experts... let me introduce you to some of my wonderful payroll and bookkeeping companies!

  • Silver Leaf Office - Silver Leaf is women-owned by Brittney Boeser. She owns a bookkeeping company that offers payroll to her clients and serves service-based businesses. She's a numbers/bookkeeping/accounting gem. She's incredibly helpful, helps you track your income and expenses, understand your financial statements, and actually pay yourself. ​​... so you can focus on the stuff you're good at. I may be biased, because she's my bookkeeper, but she has truly transformed my business. I want the same thing for you!

  • Assigned Financial Solutions - AFS is also a women-owned business and the CFO/accountant/bookkeeper behind the business is Jen Ward. Jen is lovely, with a servant heart and a passion for small businesses. She focuses on educating her clients so they are empowered!

  • The Number Gurus - The Number Gurus are an entire team located in Eugene, Oregon. Their mission is to bring balance and peace of mind by providing bookkeeping, payroll, and training services with integrity. They are such lovely, helpful people to know, and if you're looking for someone local, I can't recommend their team enough!

One of the first things I ask about when onboarding a new client is how they run their payroll, who does their books, and if they want to learn more about what hiring a bookkeeper might look like. If they are like most small business owners just trying to run their business and doing it themselves (like I was), I start by telling them how much my business grew by outsourcing that piece of it. The next step is figuring out who might be the most in alignment with their business. Not to be too dramatic... but when you remove things from your plate that you're either not very good at, or are time consuming and detract from what you ARE good at, it will change your business. I promise!

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